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Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Does your top management have the right decision-relevant information at the right time? Is your business strategy reflected in your business intelligence strategy? How fast can you react to new challenges and changes? How do you avoid "purely coincidental" project successes? How do you keep your highly specialized employees (motivated)? How do you attract the right new employees?


These challenges mark the current fields of action of the CIO or the person responsible for information management.

Reporting & Analytics / Data Warehouse (DWH)

Here we work for you as a link between management, departments and IT and support you in seamlessly integrating your business strategy with the BI strategy. If necessary, we consolidate your landscape of decision support tools and applications. You benefit from health examinations and renovations of your BI, DWH and related projects.

Data integration (ETL)

For corporate transactions or standardization of ERP / CRM systems, it is necessary to merge inventory and transaction data from different worlds. It is also important to regularly supply your BI and DWH systems with data from heterogeneous sources. The process steps from extraction to transformation to loading into the target system are complex. We create transparency with the right methodology, suitable processes and selected tools.

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"The root of the digital transformation lies in the
Culture of the company. "

by axzoom

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