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Innovative and creative with "System" for beginners and advanced users

If you miss the sparkling idea new products, services or maybe a process? Want she the customer experience improve and customer loyalty consolidate? With a web-based Accompany tool for many new ideas we take you through an exciting Idea trip.


Invite your employees, partners, customers, specialists or interested parties to this creative journey. The invitees can contribute their ideas directly via computer or mobile phone. The view from different angles makes you want to brainstorm and stimulates creativity, which inspires the participants to ever new flashes of inspiration.


The result is a multitude of innovative ideas that are evaluated, commented on and discussed. In a two-day Innovation Bootcamp, the most exciting ideas are deepened and combined again. At the end of the workshop the top ideas are worked out and a clear action plan is defined.


Finishing new product ideas and services

In your company one slumbers variety of ideas too new products, services or maybe  processes? The step from the draft to the

Implementation designed but difficult?

Go with her Employees, partners, customers, specialists or Interested in a creative journey too

new horizons.


We pay attention to the most creative and diverse possible composition of the workshop team, because only by a heterogeneous team can create good ideas and develop them further. Participants of the Innovation Bootcamp are representatives of the leadership, selected employees and experts around the topic, creative lateral thinkers and catalysts as well as consumers.


What is the output? The result is ready, creative ideas with a prototype and a concrete implementation plan that answers all relevant questions.

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"Innovative ideas, continuous improvement, constant change
and openness to new things are
key to success." ​

by axzoom

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